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Instant Mastering

Developed by Aftermaster Studios, Promaster offers the worlds most advanced instant mastering system. Our renowned engineers have spent thousands of hours fine-tuning our mastering chains to put the finishing touches on your music without breaking your bank- account. When you upload a track to Promaster, we instantly provide you with four unique versions to preview, free of charge.

Hands On Mastering

For artists who want hands-on mastering from one of our seasoned engineers. The process of submitting a track for hands-on mastering is now as simple as instant mastering, tracks are submitted from the dashboard and will be returned within 3-5 business days. *Purchase is required before submission for custom mastering.


We store all of your music in our cloud so you can download and play your tracks, anytime, anywhere. Subscription users will have our advanced-access option which places your music in our global container and while your subscription is active, you can securely send a download link to your track to your fans, a label, parents, your cat named Moose, or anyone with a valid email address.

Instant Mastering Versions  

Promaster's proprietary system delivers four different versions of your track, each purchase includes access to all four versions. Each setting has been tuned to provide you with different textures and loudness levels depending on genre or personal preference. Promaster can also be used to master instrument, effects, and vocal tracks for ultimate control over your sound.


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  • Take your track to its limits
  • Not your grandma's mastering setting
  • Use responsibly

Radio Ready

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  • Tailored for loudness and clarity
  • Stand out amongst your competition
  • All genres

Bass Enhanced

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  • Hard hitting bass
  • Tastefully awesome
  • EDM, Hip Hop, House, Pop

Vocal Enhanced

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  • Clarity and range
  • Great for finished mixes or vocal stems
  • All genres

Purchase Options  

Promaster offers flexible pricing packages for all types of users- from casual to super user, we've got you covered. Regardless of how you redeem your track (per track pricing, or subscription) each mastered track redeemed allows access to all four mastered track types in high resolution wav format. Pricing can be found on our pricing page, please note that members who hold memberships with some of our partners may have access to insider pricing, please log in to view your customized pricing.

Single Track

  • Credit to instant master one track
  • For singles or low volume production

Single Track Custom

  • Hands on mastering performed in our studios
  • Rapid turnaround (3-5 business days)
  • Experienced engineers available for further customization

30 Day Subscription

  • 30 days unlimited mastering
  • For short production cycles
  • Storage
  • Enhanced-availability
  • Email-sharing

Annual Subscription

  • 365 days unlimited mastering
  • Most economical for regular content creators
  • Storage
  • Enhanced-availability
  • Email-sharing

The Promaster Difference

Aftermaster Studios is a group of creators who wanted to design music technology to empower other creators. Promaster has been designed to be an all encompassing hub to streamline the creative and distribution process and we have many more advanced features on the way. We have now included a direct line to support for our users and our engineers are waiting to work with any and all artists because we love mastering your music.

Start Mastering

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